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The power of the cashew fruit

South of the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, we found an ancient, long abandoned plantation, overgrown with a variety of wonderful plants: cupuacu palms, mango trees and murici bushes amidst blossoming maracuja hedges and giant cashew trees.

From all this, we selected the plant with the best cosmetic properties for Santaverde: the orange-coloured bright fruit of the cashew tree, rich in vitamins, minerals and especially powerful antioxidants (vitamin C, polyphenols, carotenoids). Antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative stress, which is generated by free radicals and significantly affects the skin-ageing process.

The locals have attributed known medical and ritual effects to the cashew since ancient times.

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Harvesting and processing the cashew

The formerly abandoned plantation is now full of life again and is being farmed by a local family. At the fazenda, the ripe cashew fruit are picked by hand and immediately pressed into juice in accordance with the rules of organically certified processing.

The fruit is highly perishable and needs to be processed within a few hours.

Cashew - cultivation and processing in Brazil

In northeastern Brazil, near the city of Fortaleza, Santaverde grows organic cashew on its own farm. Antonio, the foreman on the farm, introduces the fruit.

Duration: 3:12 min

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Use of cashew juice

Following discussions with the locals in Brazil and scientists at the University of Fortaleza, we decided to use the cashew as the key plant for our xingu anti-ageing range, amongst other things. All XINGU products are based on an elixir of hand-peeled Aloe Vera leaves and cashew juice.

We found the perfect supplement to the ingredients of the cashew fruit in the tropical rain forests on the banks of the River Xingu – centuries-old, exceptionally powerful plants grow here from which we extract precious antioxidant oils for our XINGU cosmetic range. The Xingu is one of the holy rivers of the natives and stands for vitality and endless fertility which is why we chose it as the name for our XINGU cosmetics.

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Processing by hand

Pure manual work ensures the livelihood of the local population, preserves the rain forest and gives us the assurance that exclusively 100 % pure juice, oils and extracts with the entire active ingredient complex of the fresh plants end up in our cosmetics.

This is how we achieve a unique concentration of active ingredients whose scientifically proven strength protects the skin from oxidative stress.

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Cashew – Anacardium occidentale

The cashew tree (botanical name: Anacardium occidentale) grows in tropical climates and bears the cashew fruit, also called cashew apples, and the cashew kernels. The first Europeans to discover the plant in the northeast of Brazil were the Portuguese. The cashew tree is now grown in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

It is an evergreen deciduous tree that reaches a height of between 10 and 12 metres. The English name cashew comes from the Portuguese name Caju from the Amerindian Tupi Acaju "Nierenbaum" (translated kidney tree) – presumably due to the shape of the nuts.