The demands we place on ourselves

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Our philosophy

Santaverde represents a life style and products which combine the highest quality and luxury with idealism, ecology, personal experience and science.

How did the idea arise?

“Only the biological quality of the ingredients decides on the effectiveness of a product on the skin and on the whole organism.” With this guiding principle in her heart and mind, Sabine Beer began to grow the medical plant Aloe vera on her finca in Andalusia, over 25 years ago. Her belief that only organic cultivation, natural growth periods and processing the plants by hand create a resource with the energy of a fresh medical plant formed the basis of her actions.

Sabine Beer chose the ancient medicinal plant Aloe vera barbadensis miller, an exotic plant from hot regions. Through the medieval monastery gardens, it was already known to Europeans. The ability of this plant to supply gentle healing and regeneration for the organism from inside and outside, as well as the personal experiences of this power led to this decision.

The Santaverde GmbH was founded in 1988. The corporate objective is to combine ancient healing knowledge with latest research results on skin ageing, in order to create 100 % natural and highly effective cosmetics.

The mission of Santaverde

Environmental and social responsibility and sustainable thinking and actions are still a major part of the corporate values. We use our daily business decisions to contribute to a positive environmental and social development by acting consistently and sustainably. Together with many other responsible acting companies, we want to be a global model for a human-oriented economy, which connects the great power of entrepreneurial success with environmental and social improvements.