From the field of responsibility

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When environment and mankind work in tandem

Our understanding of natural cosmetics includes the meticulous care of the plants as well as the protection of the environment in which they grow, and respect in dealing with the people who care for them.

We advocate a fair and cooperative partnership. In our daily business and personal dealings, we wish to support and promote sustainable, social developments. The concept behind our product formulas is always based on the goal of including as many raw materials as possible in the list of ingredients that are of regional origin, of controlled organic cultivation, collected in the wild and sold on a fair-trade basis, so as to support the projects behind these activities with our raw material purchase.

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Raw materials from our own organic cultivation

Our certified organic cultivation of the exotic plant Aloe vera on our own fields in Spain avoids long transportation routes from overseas. On our finca, we have certified organic cultivation. Growing, harvesting and processing take place on site and are performed by hand. We can therefore guarantee the highest purity and quality of our raw material, save energy, protect the environment and create more jobs than an automated production facility.

Organic cultivation is generally the most sustainable form of agriculture and results in many positive environmental effects: soil fertility, biodiversity, groundwater and flood protection, GMO-free status and poverty reduction.

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Working together in partnership

Through our daily economic activities, we want to support ecological and social development. The formulation of our products always follows the aim of integrating as many raw materials of regional origin, from organic cultivation, wild harvesting and fair trade as possible. Thus we want to support the underlying projects with the purchase of raw materials. Genetically engineered raw materials are incompatible with our values.

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Development aid project Caatinga

The people living in the Brazilian rainforest gave us their knowledge about the power and effects of Brazilian medical plants as a natural, friendly gift. With the support of the local development aid project Caatinga, we would like to show our appreciation for this assistance.

We donate 10 percent of the net proceeds of our anti-aging luxury car XINGU age perfect to the organization. It focuses on the strengthening of rights of women and girls and helps through education, medial care and the granting of microcredits.

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True Natural Cosmetics

All our cosmetic products bear the NATRUE label for certified natural cosmetics and the animal welfare seal Leaping Bunny. All Santaverde products are vegan certified with the seal of the Vegan Society.

aloepur, the pure aloe vera juice, is certified under the EU bio regulation.

Certified organic skin care also exclude the use of microplastics.

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Animal protection

As often as possible we provide homeless dogs from the local receiving station a new home on our finca. Currently, four dogs live with us, enjoing the lively ambience of production and the cuddles of our finca visitors.

In addition, we support the organization Adana, which takes care of the countless stray animals, with donations. 

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Environmental friendly packaging and advertising material

Our environmental claims affect our packaging and promotional material selection, too. The FSC paper for product packaging and brochures comes from sustainable forestry. It commits to promote an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically sustainable management of forests. Product packaging and brochures are produced in a climate neutral way with printing inks based on vegetable oils.

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Construction concept of the new office

During the construction of our office in Hamburg, we decided not to rebuild. Instead, an old chocolate factory has been prepared carefully.

For the building we used mainly materials such as glass, concrete and untreated steel, to avoid as far as possible highly processed and chemically treated materials. The furnishing is made of wood and low energy plastics without extensive coatings. On a good thermal insulation great value has been placed. To save resources, we use gas and green electricity.